Minimum wage

There are two recent developments on the minimum wage:

1. The Court of Appeal has ruled in Revenue and Customs Commissioners v Annabel’s (Berkeley Square) Ltd. that tips paid into a ‘tronc’ and then distributed don’t count towards the minimum wage:

2. The rate of the minimum wage will go up to £5.80 per hour in October 2009 (from the current rate of £5.73).

If you are paid less than £5.73 per hour, you are being underpaid, and your employer is committing an offence.

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  1. I hope you don’t mind my pointing out that the main minimum wage rate is currently £5.73. The increase is a mere 7p, the lowest ever.

    The other rates will be £4.83 (up 6p) for 18-20 (down from 18-21, following years of ignored LPC recommendations on the matter), and £3.57 (up 4p) for 16-17.

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