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This blog supports and updates the book Employment Tribunal Claims: Tactics and Precedents. You can download the first chapter. You can also read a slightly expanded version of the glossary that appears in the book.

You can purchase the book from Amazon or directly from the publisher’s web-site.

Royalties from sales of the book are donated to the Free Representation Unit. We are also an Amazon affiliate. This means that we receive a small commission on Amazon purchases originating from this site. This is also donated to FRU.

Other books

If you’re involved in tribunal litigation, there are two other books we particularly recommend:

Tamara Lewis’s Employment Law: An Adviser’s Handbook
is an excellent single volume summary of employment law.

Butterworths Employment Handbook contains all the legislation you will need in 99.9% of tribunal cases. It is a practitioner’s reference, so it is expensive and dense. Not a good purchase if you’re only running the one case, but anyone who is in tribunal regularly should have a copy.

Statutes and Case-law

Statute Law is the government’s online database of legislation. It is a relatively new resource and is still being brought up to date, but is extremely useful.

BAILII is an online database of cases-law, created by the British and Irish Legal Information Institute.

Updating Services

One of the challenges of practising in employment law is that it is always changing. Some changes, particularly to procedural law, will be mentioned on this site. But we do not aim to provide a comprehensive updating service or to cover the substantive law.

Daniel Barnett does. Anyone who does a significant amount of work in the employment tribunal should subscribe to his very helpful emails.

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