Just say it

It is not unusual, when writing, to struggle with how to phrase a particular thought or issue. This is particularly common when the subject is sensitive or potentially controversial. For example, you may need to write to the tribunal admitting a mistake or criticising the conduct of another party. Or you may need need to deal with embarrassing medical details as part of an application.

These are difficult things to write about. You will often know what you need to say, but be unsure about how to put this into words. This is particularly difficult when you are worried about the style of your writing, as well as the content.

The best way to start is to just write down what it is you need to say directly and simply. Just put in the necessary facts and the points you need to make.

This has two advantages. Firstly, once you have a first draft, that makes all the necessary points, you can edit for style and tone. This is almost always easier than attempting to get everything right immediately.

Secondly, in almost all circumstances, setting down your points simply and directly is the best way of writing. You will often find, having written a draft that deals with all of the relevant issues, that it needs little rewriting.

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