Research into enforcement of employment tribunal awards in England and Wales

The Ministry of Justice has just published its research into employment tribunal awards and whether they are being paid. They surveyed 1,002 successful claimants.

It makes interesting, if depressing, reading.

39% had been paid nothing. 8% had been paid something, but less than the amount awarded. Only 53% had been paid in full.

This is a grim statistic, but it is worth putting it in context. Of those who had not been paid, only 36% had gone to the county court. In other words, nearly two thirds of those who had not been paid had failed to take enforcement steps.

Enforcement is not a silver bullet. It can be frustrating and is not always successful. But, if you have got through the tribunal process successfully, you should not give up lightly. The hardest work is behind you.

‘How to start enforcing a tribunal award’ explains how to begin.

Ministry of Justice Research Series 9/09

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