Getting phone calls from the Judge

This will rarely happen. Employment Judges only speak to the parties at hearings. Some case management discussions are conducted by telephone, but usually this is through a central conference call system. You will be given a number, and a code, so you can dial into the conference. The other side, and the Judge, will do the same.

Occasionally, however, the Judge will ring both parties directly to start the hearing. You should be able to tell that this will happen, from the tribunal’s instructions. If you are in any doubt, ring the tribunal in advance and ask. The last thing you want is for you to be sat waiting for a call while the Judge is waiting for you on another line.

If you are going to get a direct call, make sure you are prepared. Ensure the tribunal has the correct number for you, and that there won’t be any obvious difficulties, such as your mobile running out of charge.

Finally, do make sure that the Judge has a direct line. It’s a really bad idea to have a busy Judge to ring the number, only to be greeted by “Welcome to FRU. Our Office Hours are 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday. And, by appointment, until 8.30pm on Tuesday. If you need help with your employment case, press 1…”

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