Navigating an unpaginated bundle

Often you need to do substantial work the papers involved in the case before you are in a position to finalise and paginate your hearing bundle. If you are writing a chronology, for example, at an early stage in the case, maybe before even drafting the claim, you won’t be able to cross-reference it to page numbers in your bundle because your bundle doesn’t yet have page numbers. What do you do?

One possibility is to buy the narrowest post-it notes you can find, and stick them onto the key documents as you come to them, one post-it width lower down the page each time, writing numbers on them as you go along. Now your bundle is decorated with a numerical tab for each key document, and you can use these numbers in your chronology, cross examination notes etc. The beauty of this system is that having stuck the post-its on and numbered them, you can rearrange the papers in a different order and your numbers will still run consecutively from top to bottom.

A similar system works quite well, as it happens, for flagging the pages in your carol book that correspond to the choral numbers in your Carol Service.

Happy Christmas! If you are visiting this blog on Christmas Day, you have almost certainly got things out of proportion – turn your computer off and go and help with the washing up. (Later, you might find the section of the book at paragraph 1.20 onwards, headed ‘Whether to bring a claim’ helpful.)

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