Danger! Do not read this post!

We note with amusement that at least one organisation has added this site to their list of prohibited websites. In other words, somebody feels that they’d rather not have their employees reading our posts. This makes us feel gratifyingly dangerous and edgy.

Joking aside, this probably isn’t a great idea. If you’re an employer, barring access to this blog is unlikely to be an effective way of preventing your employees from finding out that they can sue you. If it has any effect at all, it’s more likely just to piss them off. They’re probably already quite pissed off if they are looking for information on this subject, so the chances are you’ve just made it more likely – not less – that they will sue you.

Moreover, if you’re going to be sued, it will be less annoying on balance for you – and quite often less expensive – to be sued by someone who knows what they’re doing than by someone who hasn’t a clue. So a better plan would be to buy your employees a copy of our book.

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