Rare books

Our publisher has told us that they have run out of copies of Employment Tribunal Claims: Tactics and Precedents, the book that this site was created to accompany.

In one sense this is great news. It means that we’ve sold 1,800 copies since September 2007 – which would be disappointing for the latest adventures of a certain adolescent wizard, but is pretty decent for a law book. At the same time, it means people may be finding it hard to find a copy, which we like to think is a bad thing.

The book’s being reprinted, so this is a temporary problem. In the short term, copies are still available from amazon.co.uk.

If you follow that link (or the one at the side of the page) a small affilliate fee (about 5%) will be paid the Free Representation Unit, in addition to the royalties, which always benefit FRU.

If you have a copy, but have finished your tribunal, consider passing it on to someone who might find it useful.

ETA: The reprint has now been done, so you should have no trouble finding a copy from any normal source.

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  1. Hope you won your case!

    I have just won mine having represented myself.

    Would love to receive your book, as I now intend to appeal against the ‘remedy’, which does not even cover my lost wages….the injustice of British justice!!

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