FRU has spare capacity

The Free Representation Unit is a London-based charity that provides free representation at employment and social security tribunals. Law students and trainee barristers and solicitors volunteer for FRU work. For general guidance about how FRU works and what kinds of cases it takes on, see its own website.

In general, demand for free representation outstrips supply, so FRU can never guarantee to help until a particular volunteer has offered to take on a case. But there is one particular kind of case for which, at the moment, FRU actually has more volunteers than work for them to do. Those cases have a good chance of finding a representative.

Straightforward short cases

If your case is listed for only one or two days and is fairly straightforward, then as long as you get it referred to FRU in reasonably good time before the hearing, you are likely to get a volunteer to represent you.

Getting to FRU

If you have a case that you might want FRU to help with you will need to see one of their referral agencies. It is not possible to approach FRU directly and (despite our close links with FRU) it’s not possible to approach them via this blog.

A list of referral agencies is available on the FRU website. If you are in London your best bet is your local CAB.

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