Ignore the soft fruit

Imagine an enemy posse rushing towards you. They are dressed in bizarre and elaborate costumes, including papier mache horns, cardboard armour and joke-shop Dracula fangs. Some are brandishing pillows in a threatening manner; others are armed to the teeth with a variety of soft fruit. One has a pointed stick. All are yelling abuse.

Faced with this threat, what do you do? Wrestle them for their cushions? Rugby tackle them, pin them down and try to de-fang them? Yell abuse back, but louder? Ambush them for their fruit and make a summer pudding? Or do you focus all your attention on the threat posed by the pointed stick?

The answer may be obvious – but it is surprising how willing parties to litigation are to be distracted into squabbles that have no chance of determining the outcome of the case.

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  1. It is good to see that references to Monty Python still abound, even more than forty years after they were first seen 🙂

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