Another bundle bungle

When you think you must have seen all the ways there are to make a bundle inconvenient and annoying to use… along comes a new one.

A tabbed divider card between each document and the next is annoying – because it fattens up the bundle to no purpose, and obscures the sticky-notes that you want to use to mark the most important documents. But normally it’s not much of a problem – all you have to do is remove the divider cards, and you have a usable bundle.

But the advanced bundle-saboteur has thought of this. He’s re-started the pagination at 1 for each tab. Now to identify any page, you need two numbers: the tab number and the page number. So if you take out the annoying divider cards, you can’t navigate the bundle at all. Neat, isn’t it?

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  1. I know the feeling, it is extremely frustrating to get bundles from which you cannot find a single document. My worst hang up is when the doucments have no date order. I still get bundles that are completely all over the place date wise. You may expect this from small companies representing themself, but I am always astounded when large law firms do this too. I especially like your earlier post that sets out good practice for bundles. It would save everyone so much time if more people would follow it. I also use your tip for getting the photocopier to number the pages of the bundle. This has been another great time saver.

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