Why not…?

If a case goes part-heard, or the tribunal isn’t able to meet to discuss the outcome until some weeks or even months after the hearing, the tribunal may have rather dim recollections of how the witnesses came across by the time they make their decision. One thing that might help refresh their memories – assuming, that is, that you want them to remember your evidence – is pasting in a mug-shot of yourself at the end of your statement.

This isn’t normal practice, though – it’s something that I think would be quite useful if it became normal practice, but at the moment it would be a novelty. So if you try it, don’t be thrown if the tribunal and/or the other side is a bit surprised. (And if you do try it, please comment on this post to let me know how it went down.)

3 Replies to “Why not…?”

  1. Well, I’m trying the photo thing tomorrow. Only problem is, I haven’t let the respondent know. The statements that were exchanged 4 weeks ago didn’t include a mugshot. But, I cannot see if making the slightest bit of difference. I’m hoping for a decision tomorrow anyhow. So the mugshot may never really have relevance

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