Bundles again

Regular readers of this blog will know that we are both mildly obsessive on the subject of bundles. I’ve recently collected another simple but effective way of sabotaging the bundle:

Bind it in a way that makes it impossible to insert extra pages – a spiral binding or similar will do the job.

Let’s hope no-one ever does this on purpose imagining that they are being cunning – because it’s certainly not going to stop the tribunal accepting additional documents that weren’t in the original hearing bundle. It’ll just mean that when they do, everyone ends up with stray bits of paper floating around their desk in no particular order, getting in the way or getting lost.

It’s much more sensible to do the usual thing and present bundles in ring binders or lever arch files. Then any extra pages can be inserted in their chronological place in the bundle, and given numbers that correspond with where they’ve ended up: e.g. 2 extra pages between 71 and 72 can be numbered 71a and 71b.

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  1. Dear Ms Cunningham and Mr Reed, thank you so much for the useful information in your blog. I have recently won an unfair dismissal claim in a very complicated case which I had worked on for over a year and a half! I was representing myself and I’ve found your blog extremely helpful when I was preparing the bundle to the extent that the Employment Judge praised the way I prepared it! Once again, thank you very much. I really believe your posts greatly helped me prove my case.

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