Run, Reed, run

It’s that time of the year again and, in six days, I’ll be running the London marathon on behalf of the Free Representation Unit.

If you’d like to sponsor me (and I’d be very grateful) you can do so through justgiving:

I always feel a bit sheepish asking people to send me money to do something that I rather enjoy (at least, I enjoy the first 15 miles or so — and I enjoy finishing). But FRU is a good cause and running marathons is a socially acceptable mechanism for asking people to give you money for a good cause.

What does FRU do? We represent people in Social Security and Employment Tribunals. Most of the work is done by student volunteers, supervised by Legal Officers (including myself). Together we do about 800 cases a year, which makes us one of the largest provides of pro bono representation in the UK.

Anything you’d be happy to give would be very welcome. It’ll be spent on paying our rent, keeping the lights on and providing the resources the volunteers need to run cases.

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