Add tribunal fees to your claim

If you win your case in the employment tribunal, you should ask for an award of costs to cover any tribunal fees you’ve had to pay. There’s a general post about how to do that here. This is just a small additional suggestion on the same subject.

Include your application for costs in your claim.

That’s it, really. Section 9.2 of the ET1 form asks ‘What compensation or remedy are you seeking?’ Claimants don’t often write very much there – and it won’t be your last chance to say how much money you think you should be awarded, and why. But it’s a good idea to use that space to set out the main kinds of loss you think you ought to be compensated for – and at the same time, it’s worth mentioning that you’ll be looking for a costs order under 76(4) to cover your tribunal fees. It’ll help you to remember to claim it at the end of the case; and if your employer doesn’t defend the claim and you get a default judgment, it should prompt the tribunal to include a costs order in that.

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  1. I refer you to my comments on “Applying for fee remission”

    If an employer will not concede to pay a fee to attend the tribunal then life will be very difficult. If your employer has not made an offer and you find yourself in front of the Judge, then the odds are very much against you succeeding. You are very unlikely to win even with the help of this excellent albeit very optimistic book. The chance of getting your fee back will be ZERO.

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