Discrimination questionnaires

One might have thought that the Equality and Human Rights Commission or the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (or both) would provide copies of all the questionnaires at a single location and in a common format on their websites. They don’t. Instead the questionnaires are to be found – with some difficulty – scattered across various websites, in a variety of layouts, and issued by a number of different bodies and government departments (most of which no longer exist).

We have made the complete collection available here. If the questionnaire you want does not include guidance notes, it is worth reading the guidance to one of the other questionnaires: very similar considerations will arise.

Equal pay questionnaire This is a copy of the Statutory Instrument which includes the questionnaire as schedule 1. No guidance notes are included.

Sex discrimination questionnaire This is an 11-page DTI booklet, which includes guidance notes.

Race discrimination questionnaire This is a 15-page booklet, including guidance notes (issued jointly by the Home Office and the Department for Education and Employment).

Disability questionnaire This is a 43-page pdf booklet produced by the Disability Rights Commission (now replaced by the Equality and Human Rights Commission).

Sexual orientation questionnaire This is a 10-page DTI booklet, including guidance notes.

Religion or belief questionnaire Another 10-page DTI booklet, including guidance notes.

Age questionnaire And another 10-page DTI booklet, including guidance notes.

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