Putting page numbers in a bundle

Putting page numbers in a bundle is a dull job – and guess what? Nobody has to do it.

Surprisingly few of those who put bundles together seem to know that modern photocopiers will add page numbers automatically. Instead, they scrawl semi-legible numbers in by hand; or, worse, they use a mechanical paginating contraption. This is a menace: it is horrible to use, because it gets ink all over your fingers, and is liable to arbitrary jams and repeats – so although it is a very dull task, you have to stay wide awake and attentive while you’re doing it, or it will go horribly wrong. And it is almost certainly running out of ink, so you have to bring it down on the page with savage force or it won’t print at all.

Reading the photocopier manual is dull, but at least you’ll only have to do it once – and ever after your bundles will be beautifully and legibly paginated. Anyway until the machine stops.

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