Blast from the past

This iteration of the site has been going since August 2007, when we announced the 2nd edition. In that time we’ve published 415 posts (counting this one).

One of the problems with the blog format, is that most of these posts are buried fairly deep in the site where nobody ever reads them. Often this is fine, because time has made them irrelevant. But there are some that we think are still relevant and useful.

So, this is the first of an occasional series of posts highlighting past posts that we think are still worth reading. If you’re looking for something specific, you can also use the search and index function in the sidebar to the right.

What doesn’t go into a witness statement: On not including irrelevant stuff, or things that are better dealt with elsewhere.

Difficult cases: There is a point, in many cases, where the representative starts to feel that he cannot understand the case….

How to emphasise: Italics vs bold vs underlining.

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