Hold fast to your ET1

Your ET1 is the form you complete to start your claim — also known as the claim form.

It’s a vitally important document and it’s important you make sure you keep a copy of it. If you’re submitting online, you can do this by saving it to PDF when submit it electronically. If you post it, you’ll need to take a photocopy.

This all sounds very obvious, but I’m encountered a surprising number of cases where people have sent off their ET1, without holding onto a copy. I suspect the problem is that the wider world of the internet has taught us all that we’re bound to receive a confirmation email with the form attached. Unfortunately you don’t.

If you don’t keep a copy, contact the tribunal and ask for one.

On no account try to reproduce your original ET1 by filling it in again from memory. This will a) not work (you’ll never remember it exactly) and b) risks looking as if you’re trying to pull a fast one somehow.

5 Replies to “Hold fast to your ET1”

  1. Ditto! Keep all those documents in a BIG folder in date order.
    If you are using a PC request electronic copies of everything from the tribunal and the respondents – The only thing the Bristol tribunal did not send me were electronic copies of judgments and reasons although the EAT did. A scanner works well for filing documents on the PC. It is much easier to compile bundles using electronic documents using a pdf writer program.

    1. Douglas do you have or know where I can get a remedy document template. What does this look like. I have calculated all loss of earnings , costs etc. Totally about 7k wondering if this is actually worth all the hassle.

      1. Hi Pete
        What you need is called “a schedule of loss” there are examples on the Web.


  2. Douglas – did you have to pay for past judgements? I just had to pay over a hundred pounds for those documents from the Registry in Bury St Edmunds.

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