Please consider sending cases to FRU

One of the counterintuitive impacts of the introduction of employment tribunal fees and reductions in funding to the advice sector is that FRU has ended up with quite a bit of spare volunteer capacity.

Fewer cases are being brought in the tribunal and there are fewer referral agencies (plus those that still exist have reduced resources). This means that fewer cases are reaching FRU. But our volunteer numbers are holding steady. So at the moment I have more volunteers than cases.

All of this means that, if a relatively simple employment case (basically anything listed for 2 days or less that isn’t a discrimination case) arrives with a decent amount of time before the hearing (ideally two weeks or more), there’s a very good chance I can find a volunteer to take it on. We’re extremely eager to get unfair dismissal, wrongful dismissal, wages or holiday pay claims in or around London.

So if you’re an existing referral agency please consider sending cases to us. The chances of us being able to help are currently very good. If you’re not a referral agency, but advise people about employment tribunals in or around London, please consider joining us. Details are available at:

If you’re an individual with a case, I’m afraid FRU can’t take cases directly from members of the public. But you can find information about our referral agencies — who may be able to send your case to us — at:

It’s important to emphasise the FRU can never guarantee to help. But I’m going to have about 20 eager volunteers arriving next week. And this sort of volunteer throughput looks to continue into 2014.

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    1. Bedford is fine. We go out at far as Brighton, Southampton and Reading. Just needs to be within a reasonable train journey from London for a volunteer.

  1. A stern test …Would you have a volunteer interested in arguing against the application of the basic principles of law that is to say the application of resjudica and estoppel and the case of Henderson v Henderson 1843 by the Employment Tribunal against an unrepresented party? The rule 3(10) hearing is at the EAT on the18th of December? If so I need a referral…

  2. Hi Michael

    Would the referral agency have to come on record as a representative – or instead can FRU volunteer take instructions directly from the individual with the case once referred by the agency.


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