Employment Tribunal Claims, 4th Edition

The 4th edition of Employment Tribunal Claims: Tactics and Precedents, the book which etclaims.co.uk supports is now available.

The new edition includes updated material on:

  • The new Employment Tribunals Rules of Procedure 2013
  • Tribunal fees and fee remission, including expanded advice on deciding whether to bring a claim
  • Advocacy in the tribunal
  • Guidance on the Early Conciliation Process (coming into force in 2014)

More generally, the book is more comprehensive than than the website can be. What we’ve tried to write is a guide that will make it possible for users to get a reasonable understanding of the employment tribunal system and how to run a case even if they have no existing knowledge either of litigation in general, or of employment tribunal procedure in particular.

The 4th edition is available directly from Legal Action Group, from amazon (including the kindle version) or from all good legal bookshops.

Work on the new edition partly explains why the site has been quiet recently. We hope we’ll be posting more frequently in 2014.

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