cal 11 2013

It’s quite common for employment lawyers to be interested about the day of the week a particular date fell on in the past. For example, it might be important that an email was sent on a Friday, inviting someone to a meeting on a Monday — rather than having been sent on a Monday, for a Wednesday meeting.

Computers have made this considerably easier. Most electronic diaries will allow you to go back in time far further than is ever likely to be necessary.

But this does often require quite a bit of clicking, especially to go back a few years. If you work on a Mac (or otherwise have access to a Unix command line) I’ve found a better, if slightly geeky way.

Just open a terminal window and type ‘cal 11 2013’. You’ll instantly get a small calendar of the 11th month in 2013, including days of the week. If you need January 2011, type ‘cal 1 2011’.

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  1. and if you work on a Windows pc, you can open use excel to calculate the difference between two dates by typing them in two cells (say A1 and A2) and the formula =sum(A2-A1) in a third cell.

    Or, in any Office application, get to the code window with Alt+F11, then in the Immediate Pane at the bottom type (for example) ?#31 Jan 2014# – #01/01/14# and hitting Enter. Office is forgiving with recognising the format you use.

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