Keep a copy of your ET1

When you submit your claim, make sure you keep a copy of your claim form. You will need it later.

If you’re going to post the form, photocopy it before you do so.

If you submit it online, make sure you download a copy (either print it out or save it somewhere safe) at the end of the process. One potential pitfall is that, if you attach a document to the form online, the copy you download won’t include the attachment. You need to save / print it separately.

2 Replies to “Keep a copy of your ET1”

  1. Good advice but not the best…
    After 3 years of Tribunal hell….my advice! DO NOT submit a claim.
    The place is swarming with lawyers all there for their own ends. (Judges included)
    The best thing to do to relive your grievance may be to burn down your former employers offices or factory, it may be much more satisfying and certainly over a lot quicker, you’d get a positive result..Then you may be able to move on.

  2. ‘Just don’t bring a claim’ is often good advice.

    As Douglas says the tribunal process can be hellish and, in the end, might well not do anything to satisfy you. On the other hand, a successful claim can extract financial compensation from your employer. What you should do depends on your personal circumstances. Do you have a strong legal claim (which may not coincide with whether you’re morally in the right)? How much will you get if you do win? How unpleasant and drawn-out is the process likely to be? Can you get a fee remission / pay the fee without hardship?

    All of this will vary from person to person and case to case. But nobody should feel bad about just walking away. It’s often the best choice.

    Finally (and just for the avoidance of any conceivable doubt) we don’t recommend arson against your employer, or anything similar. This is only likely to replace tribunal proceedings with criminal ones. Which are likely to be even more unpleasant and have deeply unfortunate consequences — up to and including you going to prison.

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